We are thrilled to announce that the clubhouse at Maryland National has been approved for an expansion! The expansion, itself, will add approximately 50 seats to Schroyer's Tavern, bumping out the wall from fireplace to bar by 23 feet. In addition, the expansion will provide
 us with a set of stairs down to our beautiful backyard patio, allowing better usage of that great space; a turn grill for golfers to utilize
during and after their round; and a pair of restrooms for golfers and diners, alike. For more information (and some artist renderings)
please visit our facebook page or come on by and talk with someone from the MNGC family about our growth!   
We are back to full, in-season hours (effective March 18, 2018):
Sunday:     7am - 9pm
Monday:     7am - 9pm
Tuesday:     7am - 9pm
Wednesday:     7am - 9pm
Thursday:     7am - 9pm
Friday:     7am - 9pm
Saturday:     7am - 9pm

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We're always looking for fresh talent in the Tavern as servers, beverage cart attendants, and bartenders. Interested in learning more? Send us an email with your resume, and we'd love to talk to you!